Tel Aviv is the second largest city in Israel with a population of 379,730 (2012). Tel Aviv is also Israel's financial center, and is home to the nation's port. Here are some Israeli Tel Aviv facts, courtesy of * Tel Aviv is the second most populous city in Israel after Jerusalem, with 380,000 residents in 2015, throughout an area of 144 square kilometers (56 sq mi). * Tel Aviv City Hall has the largest number of employees of any city hall in North American Jewries with 4036 employees * Tel Aviv is home to some of Israel's major military bases, neighboring large technology companies, life sciences companies, design technology companies, engineering companies, financial institutions, and cybersecurity enterprises. * Tel Aviv has the most high-tech firms in the country's history per capita. * Tel Aviv is home to Tel Aviv University, the largest university in Israel with 35,000 students. * Tel Aviv has the youngest population in Israel. * Tel Aviv has the most restaurants per capita in Israel. * Tel Aviv is the business center of Israel. There are the headquarters of many major Israeli firms on its outskirts. * Tel Aviv is home to six major shopping malls. * Tel Aviv is ranked 26th in the Global Economic Power Index. * Tel Aviv Development Corporation is now the world’s 3rd largest development company by volume, completing 200 projects within Israel or abroad. * Tel Aviv has the second-largest artificial port in the world, behind Shanghai. * Tel Aviv is ranked as Israel's most expensive city, after the neighboring city of Ramat HaSharon. * Tel Aviv is Israel's primary portal for industry, commerce, finance, natural gas, golf, heavy industry, cyber security, airlines, culture, arts, fashion, research, academics, technology, tourism, academe, discovery, life sciences, startups, equestrian sports, film, music, commerce, trade, and world fairs. * Tel Aviv is ranked as the 1st global city and best megaregion in the world, and the 1st pension fund manager location.