AI is the process of solving a problem while examining all of the alternatives, evaluating the best time to select the appropriate choice while considering all of the consequences.

AI is not just a buzzword. AI is a breakthrough technology that changes the level of intelligence in machines.

Functions of AI

Single-ink behavior

Adapting to avoid failures


Formulating an accurate hypothesis

Script analyzing

Script synthesis

Script adjudicating

What are the benefits of AI?




Endless time

Ability to generate new theories

Improved ability to read

What are the dangers of AI?

Dependence on external resources

Reduction in jobs

Black-box type decisions

Deleterious selection

Are less data points necessary to create AI?

If one would like AI to learn, then you would need access to a large body of data. It would be important to have enough training data for an AI to expand within the sample. If not many data points are available, then it would be challenging to accumulate a large number of combinations.

What are two examples of AI tools that are used for classification?

DNNs and SVM