Exercise improves the metabolic rate Diets that are made up of balanced whole foods are more beneficial than extreme diets "If it fits your macros" is not the same as "If it fits your diet" A calorie deficit is needed to lose weight Do I want to eliminate my favorite foods? Do I want to be around other people following the same diet? What is the difference between a whole food diet and a diet made up of balanced whole foods? The main difference is that one consists of food that arguably is more beneficial whereas the other isn't as high in quality.(1,2) ? A recommended range for Healthy body weight is 18.524.9kg/m2. If my weight is higher, how can I work up to that? When trying to work up to your healthy weight range, you want to be on the more conservative side so you don't lose more than 12lbs per week.(1) Seeing as exercise improves the metabolic rate, don't even try exercising until you lose the weight. (1) Millions of people follow extreme diets, but difficulties arise that drive them back to their habits that created the weight gain in the first place. (1,4) If it fits your macronutrients, but not your diet, don't do it. (1,5) If it fits your diet, putting your favorite foods on your diet will make you happier. (1) Is it ok to replace my carbs with protein, for example? Carbs convert to glucose more quickly than protein, which is why you need them even if you are using exercise as a strategy to lose weight. (1,7) Yes, you want to be around people who are following the same diet as you because you will find comfort in the mutual understanding. (8) What are some useful tips for maintaining my weight after I lost it? Apply what you learned on your diet to your eating habits postdiet. Watch how much fat, protein, and carbs you're eating, and try to substitute unhealthy snacks with healthy ones. If you need premade snacks that won't cost you a fortune, grab a fruit and a handful of almonds or a banana and a handful of dark chocolate chips. Drink lots of water, and eat your recommended 5 servings of fruits and vegetables. Lastly, find workouts you love it's more likely you'll be motivated to exercise more if you really enjoy it.(1)